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Outdoor stands for the exhibition are an effective resource for forming a positive image of a company, services or products, attracting new customers. Such constructions are an effective sales tool that determines the success of the event. The stand should be bright and memorable. Its area and layout are calculated and developed taking into account the planned processes: positioning of goods or services, negotiations, seminars, signing contracts, media demonstrations.

Elaboration of the concept
Project development begins with filling out a brief, where the client defines the tasks and the desired result. Based on the information received, specialists determine the design, integrate the corporate identity of the company into it, form accents. All aspects are taken into account – from the number of events at the exhibition to the expected number of visitors.

Not only designers, but also an engineering and technology group are involved in the development of the project. A comprehensive solution and the high competence of our employees guarantee the high quality of outdoor stands for the exhibition. Preliminary three-dimensional modeling with maximum visualization allows you to adjust the nuances before launching the project into production.

Varieties of exhibition stands for the street
Exhibition stands are designed taking into account the status and scale of the event, the saturation of the exposition events. We can offer a wide variety of options:

– advertising;
– information;
– mobile;
– photo exhibitions;
– modular;
– two – storey;
– with an Event zone;
– with conference venues and other versions.
Outdoor stands are relevant for holding expositions in the open air, at fairs, festivals, in crowded places, for example, near shopping and entertainment complexes or in recreation areas, sports competitions, and other mass events.

Exposition structures for the street must meet the operating conditions:

– create an attractive image of the company, products and services;
– emphasize the corporate identity, make it memorable; create comfortable conditions for visitors, including interior lighting and outdoor lighting;
– to ensure the communication of the participants of the event;
– withstand static and dynamic loads;
-protect staff and guests from rain and scorching sunlight;
– withstand wind loads specific to a particular area.
The exposition must fulfill the task necessary for the client, whether it is promoting a new product or attracting a target audience. It is important to use not only creative ideas, but also high-quality materials.

Manufacturing of outdoor exhibition stands in Dubai
INSIGHT EXPO company develops, manufactures, installs street exhibition stands of any complexity to order. Extensive experience in creating structures for events of various levels, in many countries of the world, allows us to give responsible guarantees to customers in the effectiveness of the exposition.

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