It is in the interests of every company producing or selling products to get a favorable place for exhibition stands and attract the attention of a large audience. A linear exhibition stand is a design especially common at such events. The model is open only on one side and has many advantages over alternative solutions.

Exhibition sites involve the installation of stands in a row or in a line: many believe that such expositions are invisible and ineffective. However, provided that the structure is properly designed, it will attract the attention of the audience and bring the desired result to the company.

In order to stand out from competitors who also preferred this type, it is necessary to choose a unique design, make the exposition memorable and please potential customers with high-quality products.


– Affordable price. Every entrepreneur can afford the installation of such a design, saving on the purchase of an expensive option.
– The ability to attract the attention of the audience in a limited space.
– Ample opportunities for the design of such stands, which makes them interesting, memorable, and effective.
It is important to note that linear stands can be used not only during the exhibition, but also by equipping a private area for communicating with potential customers, placing handouts or exhibition copies of products on them.

With the help of such a design, it is possible to fully form the image of the company for the target audience.

Types of linear stands
Today there are several categories of linear stands on the market, which include square, narrow or wide, deep models. The choice of design directly depends on what kind of product will be presented to the audience, as well as on the place where the exhibition is planned.

In accordance with which model will be chosen, the design option is determined: it is important to take into account the wishes of potential customers, the general format of the event. This will help to achieve the desired result, increase the company’s awareness and profit from sales.

A linear stand is a great opportunity to ensure product safety, save training costs and make the company recognizable in the market.

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