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Two-storey exhibition stands are exclusive structures that are used quite rarely. They are designed for installation in large areas, immediately attract attention. They can accommodate a large number of goods, the second floor can be used as a meeting room, a place of rest for employees. You can also use it for presentations. Such stands can have a variety of designs and sizes.

Features and Benefits
The two-storey exhibition stand has a complex structure, which is why they differ from the usual ones. The project development is carried out based on the customer’s requirements. It is best to order the manufacture in trusted companies that will give all the necessary guarantees. It is worth noting that even the slightest mistake in the design can lead to the collapse of the entire stand, which is unacceptable.

During construction, strong supports, railings and sides are used, while it is important to observe safety regulations. In addition, the equipment should be as efficient and convenient to use as possible. The entrance to the second floor is made wide, a railing must be present for lifting.

– the use of a larger area due to the second floor;
– an original design that immediately catches the eye;
– it is possible to organize a VIP zone for clients;
– you can make zoning according to your preferences — exhibition area, working area for managers, reception area – ADD and others;
– creating optimal working conditions.

Two-storey stands are ordered by large companies, as with their help it is possible to demonstrate products more clearly and emphasize the high status of the organization.

Development and construction
We offer the development of a two-storey exhibition stand project and installation in Dubai. We use high-quality, safe materials in construction, we provide all guarantees. The price will depend on the complexity and size of the structure.

By ordering exhibition stands from us, you can be 100% sure of the quality of the result obtained. We have been working for many years and during this time we have gained an exceptionally positive reputation.

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