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Futurism in the design of exhibition stands is one of the innovative trends. It provides a unique opportunity to stand out among competitors and create the effect of the presence of the future in the present. Mix minimalism, modernism, art nouveau and as a result get a successful exhibition, an object for forming a positive image of the company.

Features and Characteristics

  1. Asymmetrical shape and design. Overlappings are made non-standard. They get smooth, streamlined lines with unusual geometric shapes.
  2. Use of modern materials. Walls are made of plastic, glass, mirrors and metal.
  3. Incorporating a cool color palette into your design. Design in the futurism style is often done in monochrome. Diluted with neutral gray or cool blue.
  4. Lack of a single light source. Instead of one lamp, many diode, often colored, spotlights are used.
  5. Minimalism in decoration. A shift in emphasis to glass partitions, LED lamps and the brand name.
  6. The desire to show objects in dynamics, to focus on the topic of scientific and technological progress. When decorating an exhibition space in the futurism style, a large amount of electronics and modern technologies are used. A number of touch screens or virtual reality elements are turned on.

Another important feature of the futuristic style in the art of creating exhibition stands is its functionality. Ease of use and maximum space efficiency are the main criteria when creating an advertising platform in the futurism style. All design elements serve a single purpose and improve the perception of products and services presented at the exhibition.


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